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Why are older women "cougars" and older men..."lucky"?

To set my family's minds at ease I'm not a "cougar". But...I just find it damn offensive that older women who are interested or involved with younger men get labeled. And you can argue that a cougar is not a derogatory term but why don't older men who are into younger women (take that as a double entendre if you like) have a label? Why do these guys get winks and slaps on the back from their pals? I think even younger men look up to them. They're probably thinking - hey, look what's out there waiting for me when I get "old". 

Too many older women get dumped by their husbands who then take up with a younger model. I know, I know - you can call it a cliche but really it got to be a cliche because it does happen so often. And isn't it downright eerie that so often these older guys literally find a younger woman who looks so like their once young wives? 

Is it sex? Do these older guys want hot young babes so they can have hotter sex lives? But how many of these guys have to pop a Viagra or have you ever caught that "pump" for erectile dysfunction? I quote - " Encore Revive Premium Vacuum Therapy Infomercial offering a proven Impotence (ED) treatment covered by Medicare. The Encore Patented Vacuum Therapy System for Erectile Dysfunction is proven to be effective over 95% of the time. It’s Patented design ensures the perfect installation every time. Encore is the most prescribed vacuum therapy system worldwide." 

Really, how do this hot babes feel when their older lover has to use a vacuum system to get it up?? 

I know older women have sexual issues, too. Hormone changes, dryness, less drive, etc. But they can surreptitiously use a cream or engage in some pre-stimulation (maybe with that rabbit-bullet toy). In any case, I think older women have less issues with younger men than older men do with younger women. I wonder how many of these guys show up in the ER with "viagra" erections that have lasted well beyond that magic four hours. I wonder if four hours isn't more than most guys would want to walk around with an erection. I'm just saying...

Personally, I like growing old with my man. We both remember when movies were 25 cents; where we were when JFK was assassinated: seeing a young Maria Callas on stage together. It's nice. It's comforting. Hell, it's downright sexy!

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