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I've been on a journey. Like all journeys there have been ups, downs and someplace in between. This journey definitely has had an effect on writing my blog. Sometimes I think there's too much to say, sometimes I feel there's really nothing to say, and sometimes I felt like I was experiencing writer's blog . Part of my journey has been sorting it all out. It began during my vacation daze. Vacations combine fun, new experiences, excitement, relaxation etc etc. This was a particularly great vacation. Lots of fun and joy. A feeling of closeness with my husband. A wonderful realization of how lucky I am to have a partner who either loves to do the same things I love to do or at least is willing, in the best of spirits, to go along with things I want to do and I do my best to reciprocate. Everything about this vacation was so good. And yet...I couldn't help compare myself as a vacationer now and when I was young. As much as I don't focus on it, with age comes...well,