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Peter Pan didn't quite have the right idea...

Peter Pan was into the whole bit of not wanting to ever grow up. I feel the opposite - I want to grow up. There are those who would say I have grown up....a long, long time ago. But really when are we finished growing up? Is there a specific age? I remember desperately wanting to grow up when I was a kid because there were so many things I was told I couldn't do until I grew up! Naming just a few -staying up as late as my big sister, watching certain shows on TV or the movies, going to the store around the corner by myself. Then as a teen there were more stuff I couldn't do until I grew up . First there was dating, then when I was a bit older it became being alone in my parents' home or my boyfriends' home without a parent present (hah, like any of us listened to that!). Then came being old enough to leave home for college, then to marry, to have children. So I guess I was finally grown up when I had my children. But really I didn't feel so grown up. And I didn&#

Five bucks may not get you a latte but...

A while back my son decided to take one of my thrillers and do a clever video and create an ebook for it. He had to have a new cover made and when I saw it I was quite impressed. I assumed he knew someone in the biz who did it for him and didn't charge much because I knew at the time he didn't want to over-invest. Recently I decided to take 3 of my mysteries that were never published in the English language ( if you read German you can get them all! ) and put them up as ebooks on Amazon . I needed covers for all three. I called my son and asked him who did the cover for CHAIN REACTION and when he explained there was this site called a whole new world opened for me. An amazing world of commerce and opportunity. OMG, what you can buy for five bucks! Not only an awesome ebook cover (check out the three I had done by a fantastic guy named Eddie-all for $15.) but  almost anything else you can imagine. Talk about a "freelance life" to harken back to my last entr

Finally...A Freelance Life

I know there are people out there who look forward to retirement and even enjoy it once it comes. I talk to these people wanting to know what's so great about not working. Not working, they usually say for starters. Then comes travel, visiting the grand-kids, golf, tennis. Dig a bit deeper and they'll say no responsibilities, no obligations...well, you get the picture. You may even be living and loving the picture. But for me...forget the money involved in all those "fun" retirement activities-it just seems...well either a hassle or dull. I'm not the only one in my age group who still wants to feel connected and productive, have a focus. And yes, make some money. I'm not saying you need to earn money from what you do. Plenty of my friends do volunteer work and feel useful, connected, etc. But plenty of us, myself included, like the idea of making money for the things we do.  So what do we do? As a writer I guess I've been living a freelance life for a

Whatever happened to the simple vibrator?

Okay, what comes to your mind when I say "rabbit"? I'll just guess it's the same thing that comes to my mind- a cute little furry animal with tall pointy ears. Now what if I combined the word "rabbit" with the words "sex toy"?  I don't know about the rest of you older gals but until yesterday I would have had a blank look on my face. The things you can learn from your kids. That could have been the title to today's blog. But I figured "vibrator" is more of a grabber! My son enlightened me. He's a film and video producer and yesterday I got to view a video he produced in which four  professional, attractive young women are discussing the pros and cons (well there weren't any cons in this case) of a new sex toy on the market-Orgasm in a Box for Her. I won't go into details (although I imagine some of you readers might want me to) but lets just say it consisted of a mini device the girls  called a "bullet"