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What Happened?

My friend told me that he was seeing one of his many doctors and in the office there was a sign on the wall - What happened? And that's precisely what I was just thinking about as well. For years I have listened to older friends recount their endless round of visits to doctors. There was the cardiologist, the endocrinologist, the rheumatologist, the orthopedist, etc. Then there was the physical therapy, the occupational therapy. They would complain that their days were suddenly revolving around doctor's visits. It depressed them. It depressed me. What happened? Yesterday I went to see my family doc because I got an attack of asthma. To cut it short I'm now taking a bunch of new meds-yuck. And while I was there I told her my planters fascitis was still bothering me. Next thing I know she's booking an appointment for me to see a podiatrist. And I was sent off to a physical therapist who wants to see me TWICE A WEEK for 3 weeks. It's happening. OMG, I'm beginning