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Measure twice, cut once

I hate to admit it, and I probably wouldn't if so many of my friends are...well, let's say that getting older and making stupid mistakes seems to be happening more frequently. Please note that I want you all to know that I, for one, have made stupid mistakes on many occasions throughout my life. But, okay, I admit it, I'm making more stupid mistakes now. My friends are making more mistakes. And here's what I think. What I think is, we don't think. We're used to acting on certain things without giving those actions much thought because in the past they never seemed to require that "moment's pause." Even if we screwed up in the past we didn't fear it was a trend. We didn't think it would happen again. There was a confidence in what we did. But the other day as a friend of mine made what she acknowledged was a stupid mistake and began to recount a series of them over the past few days which then prompted me to recall a series of my own st

The older, the bolder...

It's been a while. Went to the city (wait, just because I know what "the city" means doesn't mean everyone does). NYC. Manhattan. My home town. No, that's a lie. Growing up I was just a Manhattan wannabe. I grew up in The Bronx. Got married and moved to The Brooklyn. I know it's not "The" Brooklyn but I never have figured out why my particular borough is the only one with a The . I digress. This is about my getting bolder as I grow older. Here's an example from last week in the city . I went to an Ebook seminar offered through which is a super site and has a twice daily email about all things media. Now 25 years ago, while I might have attended such a seminar (I know, I know-there wouldn't have been an  ebook seminar back then) but anyway I would have been nervous. I would have wanted someone to attend with me. I would have dreaded that awkward feeling I used to have of being a stranger in a strange place. I'm basicall

Why are older women "cougars" and older men..."lucky"?

To set my family's minds at ease I'm not a "cougar". But...I just find it damn offensive that older women who are interested or involved with younger men get labeled. And you can argue that a cougar is not a derogatory term but why don't older men who are into younger women (take that as a double entendre if you like) have a label? Why do these guys get winks and slaps on the back from their pals? I think even younger men look up to them. They're probably thinking - hey, look what's out there waiting for me when I get "old".  Too many older women get dumped by their husbands who then take up with a younger model. I know, I know - you can call it a cliche but really it got to be a cliche because it does happen so often. And isn't it downright eerie that so often these older guys literally find a younger woman who looks so like their once young wives?  Is it sex? Do these older guys want hot young babes so they can have hotter sex lives?

Can't do this? Do that.

I admit it. Sometimes my mind drifts into all the things I can no longer do. I watch my grandchildren and they move with such ease and flexibility. They seem almost boneless. I chat with my grown kids and they're making plans for their future and they seem to have so much of it. And it reminds me of when I was their age and there were always discussions about what we'd do, where we'd go, and while time was a factor I, too, felt like we had plenty of it. Then there are all the commercials. I hate commercials. Who doesn't? But it's a toss up for me whether the commercials focused on "young" people are better or worse than those for "seniors." Commercials aimed at the older generation are always pushing pills, ointments, rejuvenating products (please- the only folks that get rejuvenated are the ones selling these products and taking our money to the bank!). All I can say is thank God for the DVR - I can avoid commercials most of the time. I th