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As we grow older our McDreamies seem to get younger

So the other day a friend commented "I used to fantasize about Harrison Ford but now he's too old for me." (Sorry Harrison if you're reading this). Now this friend who is pretty close in age to Harrison opts to fantasize about a younger McDreamy. I realized my own McDreamies have gotten younger, too. I did a totally non-statistical survey and this seems to be a common trend. Now when I was in my teens I actually fantasized about Cary Grant - not the Cary Grant who was then doing movies but the gorgeous suave actor whose movies I watched on TV from the '30's. Then as I entered my twenties I started fantasizing about actors closer to my own age. This seemed-well-"realistic". Matched age-wise we could meet by chance and given that we were compatible age-wise well, it could happen - speaking purely in fantasy now since I was and still am happily married. But if I was going to have fantasies back then I wanted them to be realistic!  Like my friend I