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So I met a man....

Okay, I know I've already got the interest of some of you! He was a perfect stranger. (i wonder why we always say "perfect" stranger?" Anyway I have no idea if he is perfect or not. But I was quite taken with him or more accurately with his view of life...or still more accurately his view of his own life! We met at an auction. I'm a total auction addict and although I buy stuff to then sell online, I truly have discovered that I love to research antiques and collectibles and especially art; I love the excitement of bidding, winning...but I'm digressing. I sat down and then an older gentleman sat down beside me. We got to talking in between bidding. I'd noticed he was buying a lot of stuff and seemed to be so happy. I also noticed that while he jotted down the items he won just as I did, unlike me, he didn't note the amount he was paying for each item. Now we're not talking thousands here. Mostly not even hundred. But I was taken with the cavalie