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Who invented thong undies and WHY???

Young women love them. I see so many of them wearing thong underwear. I "literally" see the thongs. Girls, do you know or care that when you're wearing jeans or any kind of low slung pants that when you bend over or even lean forward your thong strap shows? Maybe it's cool. Like having your bra straps show when you wear tank tops.

One day a while back I was with my grown daughter (yes, she still wears thongs) and I was trying on a pair of pants. "God, mom, you can't wear those pants with those underpants. There's a line!!!" Now, I find this funny. It's bad to have the bottom lines of your panties show through your pants but it's apparently okay to have the waist band and the top of the thong part show when you lean forward. But, hey, my daughter was not going to give up on my need - yes, my need - for a pair of thongs. So, like all "obedient" mothers desirous of winning their daughter's approval I let her lead me to the underwear department and I did it. I bought a pair of thong underwear. So now I had a new pair of pants and my very first pair of thong underpants. At least, I thought, I'd be able to tell the front from the back without searching for the label or holding them up for inspection. This, I figured, was a good thing.

We went home with my booty. My daughter insisted I try the pants on again, this time with the proper underpants. Thongs. Proper??? I blushed when I put them on and I was all alone in my room. I quickly put on the pants. My daughter was thrilled. "See, that's fantastic. NO LINE!

What about that line digging into the (okay, I can't help being crass here) crack of my butt? I began to wiggle, tug, shift back and forth. I have to tell you, I'd rather wear a girdle than a thong. I'd rather wear old lady white cotton panties than a thong. It was awful. Torturous, I tell you.

Of course, I didn't tell that to my daughter. I wanted to be cool. I wanted to be seen as a cool thong wearer. But secretly I was utterly amazed that anyone would "choose" to wear these things.

My daughter was there that evening and I'd bought the pants specifically for that night out. So, I did it. I wore those horrendous thongs under my pants. Oh goody, no underpants lines. Just that thin strip of cloth being where no cloth should be in my opinion.

But here's the worst part. Later that night when I got home and started to get undressed I made the biggest most horrific mistake... I turned around and caught a glimpse of my rear. In the thong. OH MY GOD! It was the stuff of nightmares.

Go girls. You wear those thongs. As for me, I kept my one and only pair of thongs. They're resting comfortably in my underwear drawer. They're a keepsake. And a reminder. In some instances I really am better off acting my age!


  1. Many fashion historians believe that the thong first appeared in the 1939 World's Fair. New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia ordered the city's nude dancers to cover themselves and the thong was invented to just barely do the job. Fashion designer, Rudi Gernreich has been credited with introducing the first thong bikini in 1974. Another reference states that thongs, originally called tangas, first hit the beaches of Brazil in 1977.

  2. Yes, first thong has been credited to Rudi Gernreich. It gained popularity in the late 1980s in the U.S. not only as an underwear but as a swimwear as well for women and men.

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