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I've lost my mind...seriously!

Who took it? Where did it go? It's so bad I'm wondering... Did I ever have a mind? I can't remember. It didn't hit me at the traditional ladies birthday lunch today. We ate, we laughed, we did a thankfully brief riff on our latest ailments and mostly, mostly we talked about our kids, our grand-kids, our own childhood. Don't get me wrong, it was fun. I had fun. I think we all had fun. Well, maybe some more than others. One of the ladies did try to bring up something else, something a bit more...serious. Problem was she could only remember a part of the name of the politician she was going to bring up for discussion. I was impressed. I couldn't even remember that much of his name. And so it was back to the usual topics. Did I ever have anything deep to talk about? Beecause....seriously, I am having trouble having a serious conversation about well, anything serious and I don't know if I'd feel better knowing it's always been this way or if I'm l