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How many worries are in your worry queue?

I'm a worrier. My mother was a worrier. My kids are worriers. It's been going down the line. But the other day while riding in the car with my daughter, son-in-law and their kids some potentially worrisome topic came up and my daughter commented "I have too many other things to worry about. I don't have room for that one." And then my son-in-law said "Your worry queue is filled." An image immediately came into my head of a line-up of worries stepping into my head until my head was full and the rest of the queue simply had no room to enter. Like "queuing up" for a bus and the bus arrives but it's crowded and only a few people can squeeze in. And I got to thinking that it would be quite a relief to turn my head into a mini-car rather than a bus. There would be so much less room for worries. And if ever there was a time, I thought, to limit the space in my head for worries it would be now. Worries take up too much space and I feel as I get o