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Let's get rid of the "pipe" in pipe dreams!

I have had dreams of doing any number of things all my life. Either I or others were quick to label them "pipe" dreams. "Pipe" as in foolish, impractical, ridiculous? A lot of people my age have come to realize that dreams are not the stuff of foolishness. The other day I got an email from a neighbor/friend from my old town who'd discovered my blog. She told me she had started a new "cottage" business of selling greeting cards with her amazing photos on them. Here's her site because you all really should check out these very original cards -

It was a reminder to me that no matter our age, young, middle, older, oldest, we have the opportunity to dream new dreams, or capture old dreams and actualize them. We can stop identifying them as "pipe" dreams. I think many of us have spent a good portion of our adult lives  on being practical, cautious, and maybe feeling a little scared or a lot scared. Many of us stifled our creative selves because we believed (or were told) they weren't going to get us anywhere.

Well, it's time we all ask ourselves where we want to go. I believe it's a question that needs answering no matter what our age. I spent too many years just "going". Following a practical direction. Doing what I told myself made sense.

Nonsense. I feel fortunate that I stomped on the "pipe" a long time ago and began doing what I loved not what was practical. I began to write because even though this was considered by many a "pipe dream" I felt in my gut and heart that it was not only worth the risk of doing what I had always dreamed of doing, but if I didn't follow my dream I would never know a very vital part of myself.

Here's what I've learned and what I continue to learn as I pursue other dreams - Dreaming the impossible dream is not really impossible at all!


  1. Here here!!! Well said - thanks for the post - and the plug!
    Keep dreaming. Often they really do come true.

  2. Heer, heer! O heer, heer!
    -cried the towne crier


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