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What about mom's celebration??

Today is my son's birthday. It's his birthday and yet...well, I was thinking...really, shouldn't I, the mom, be the one that should also be celebrated. I mean, really all you mom's out there, weren't we the ones who lugged around our ever growing bellies over nine months of pregnancy? Aren't we the ones who couln't sleep on our stomachs for many of those months? I, for one, couldn't see my feet for the last two months. I felt like a beached whale for the last month. I watched the stretch marks spreading across my belly. I spent endless times racing for bathrooms because my ever growing fetus was fighting a battle with my bladder and the fetus was winning. And then...oh boy...and then...LABOR. Let me write that again. LABOR. I spent almost eighteen hours (my husband says I exaggerate this but even if it was 12 hours, I'd like to see him have breathe-catching contractions for 12 solid hours!) And I was doing it NATURAL, the Lamaze way which meant I was supposed to breathe through those agonizing contractions-I think Lamaze must have been a man! Wait, wait. I haven't gotten to the delivery part yet. Push, push, push... Hah! Oh sure my husband, the nurses, the doctors are all "pushing" with me but it's a lot different for the one lying in that bed with their feet in metal stirrups, my legs a mile apart, trying to squeeze  the largest "pumpkin" ever planted out of my little vagina. Yeah, push, push push yourself buddies. And then...then that sweet little bundle of joy was placed in my arms and it was all worth it! It was worth all 18 hours of labor, nine months of all the mind/body alterations, discomforts, pains, belching...okay I could grow increasingly disgusting if I don't stop now...

Anyway, it was ALL WORTH IT.

But still...

Shouldn't us moms also have celebrations on the day each year of our children's birthday celebrations? I definitely think we should. So, when my husband comes home, we're going out to celebrate the day I gave birth to my terrific son. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. And happy to me!

Oh, I haven't told my husband about my celebration yet because it just kind of came to me while he was at work. I'll end now so I can put the white wine on ice!

Happy to all you moms out there!

And yes I know all you dads played your part too. But seriously...


  1. Today is Josh's birthday and I can totally relate!
    Happy Birth Day to all of us!


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