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I'm losing count...

No, no, no, I'm not losing my memory or my mind (for the most part). What I'm losing count of is my age. I find myself forgetting, counting on my fingers. Is there a time when age becomes somewhat irrelevant? When I was 29 the thought of turning 30 was a BIG thing. The end of my twenties - it held such mixed emotions. Thirty was a big deal. It meant being grown up. It meant looking at life differently. I don't know if I really did. Maybe it was more to do with feelings than actions. And then came the BIG 40. Half a lifetime over. A time to evaluate. A time for a mid-life crisis? At least, for me, a mid-life change. Time to do what I always wanted to do but kept telling myself I had time. Now it seemed like time for a change was running out. That's when I tore up my social work license and committed myself to writing. Turning 40 turned out to be great. A real new beginning. A new sense of excitement, involvement, adventure. And yes, suffering rejections, struggling, feeling the lows as well as the highs. But it has been worth it all. I found my identity. I published a lot of books and it felt like I was leaving a part of myself to posterity. My children, their children, my books...I would go on.

A couple of years ago I added a new adventure to my life although I still write although publishing is getting harder and I struggle to find new ideas, find what I really want to write about. I wait to hear about my latest manuscript that is out to publishers, I put books up on ebook at Kindle, I attend conferences, join groups. But I still had time on my hands. I still wanted more adventure, activity. Mostly, I wanted to keep my brain cells active. So, for many reasons, I started selling collectibles and antiques, etc. on eBay with a friend. We mainly cleaned out our basements and sold our own stuff. And when, sadly, she passed away, I found an even stronger need to go on with our plans. But my basement was cleaned out. I began going to estate sales, tag sales, and mostly auctions. I began researching, learning about things I never knew anything about before. It has been invigorating. And what I think is, it has had a big effect on why I've lost count of my age. I'm just too busy. And I've learned something. There really isn't all that much in a number. It's all about the living.

I notice I rarely get comments but I know there are a lot of hits on my blog. I'd really love to hear from any of you out there, share in a dialogue or just read your thoughts and opinions and your own experiences.


  1. Elise, I just found your blog. Thank you! I can SO relate to so much of what you write. I started a little cottage business for myself a couple of years ago. I am doing photographic note cards and am loving selling them to bookstores and gift shops. ( Josh is married and happily living in Somerville. WE are still in Hanover and life is good - and you are right - the age # doesn't hurt nearly as much as I feared it might. Janice Fischel


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