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Five bucks may not get you a latte but...

A while back my son decided to take one of my thrillers and do a clever video and create an ebook for it. He had to have a new cover made and when I saw it I was quite impressed. I assumed he knew someone in the biz who did it for him and didn't charge much because I knew at the time he didn't want to over-invest. Recently I decided to take 3 of my mysteries that were never published in the English language (if you read German you can get them all!) and put them up as ebooks on Amazon. I needed covers for all three. I called my son and asked him who did the cover for CHAIN REACTION and when he explained there was this site called a whole new world opened for me. An amazing world of commerce and opportunity. OMG, what you can buy for five bucks! Not only an awesome ebook cover (check out the three I had done by a fantastic guy named Eddie-all for $15.) but  almost anything else you can imagine. Talk about a "freelance life" to harken back to my last entry. Oh, it's not a get rich scheme but it's a chance to use your creativity, ingenuity, and have fun. Anyone can offer to make or do something for five bucks (well, I'm sure not anything) but here a few examples of what five bucks will get you:
"I will hold up a sign of anything you want and take a photo."
"I will make a 1 minute commercial or testimonial for your website or company."
Just in time for the holidays - "I will send your child a letter from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."
"I will send you 2 original Asian recipes."
"I will write a specialty song for you."
"I will show you how to get on any Walmart intercom speaker."
Here's one of my funky favorites - "I will advertise any name for you on my body."

And there are thousands, yes thousands more.

I love this site. I love Eddie (in a purely professional way, of course. He didn't just toss out slapdash covers for me. He spent hours upon hours, sent me several sample ideas, incorporated my ideas. I was blown away. He's now doing 5 more covers for me.)

So I asked Eddie - Why? Five bucks for all this work? And his answer made sense. He wants to do this kind of work professionally and this is a chance for him to gain experience, get exposure, learn while he actually earns a few bucks.

Fiverr or a latte? Do you have to ask which I'd choose?
And here's one last thing I love about Fiverr. It doesn't matter how young or how old you are. It's all about what you can do. If you want to do something it's truly never too late!

Please check out fiverr even if you don't want to buy something or offer something for sale. It's just so clever!


  1. ''Fiverr or a latte? Do you have to ask which I'd choose?
    And here's one last thing I love about Fiverr. It doesn't matter how young or how old you are. It's all about what you can do. If you want to do something it's truly never too late!''

    Nice paragraph and interesting post. Yes, indeed, fiverr is amazing. If you need more info about fiverr world check this

    Thank you and wish you Happy New Year!!!



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