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This is very confusing

It started this morning. I'm addicted to Masterpiece Mysteries (no wonder since I've written mystery novels for umpteen years) and this latest series is based on a Swedish mystery series that I've followed over the years. A bit of a SPOILER here if anyone is going to watch "WALLANDER" starring Kenneth Branagh. Ken has aged quite nicely. I find him quite attractive and it's admittedly part of why I watch the series although to give it its due I like dark, melancholy mysteries. So I'm watching the show and, yes, noticing how very attractive Ken is and then his father, i.e. the Wallender character's father dies. And Ken is standing at his dad's grave site and I notice the dates on the father's gravestone- mind you, this dad had looked damn old, almost decrepit - and I see he was born only eight years before me! And I start calculating in my head...

OMG! Kenneth Branagh could be young enough to be my son. And that starts a flurry of names running through my head - George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman.

I need to pause here to catch my breath and then let you all know I saw Hugh Jackman in person with my group of gal pals and we sat in the audience drooling over Hugh. And then after the show, Hugh held an auction for AIDs relief for actors, some lucky lady in the audience would win the chance to go backstage to meet Hugh in person still my pounding heart...have Hugh give her (unless a gay man won) the sweaty tee shirt he wore during the performance. The winner - a woman who looked to be in her sixties - bid $5000 and won. Then Hugh said, what the hell, anyone in the audience willing to dish out $1500 could also come backstage and meet him - no sweat-covered tee shirt - but still. And at least a dozen women - all of an age - whipped out their checkbooks.

I wanted to whip out mine. All my gal pals did, too. But $1500, even for Hugh not to mention a worthy charity...None of us could do it. That kind of money wasn't chicken feed to us. We all left a bit disappointed, a bit envious, and definitely more than a bit...well, turned on. We were ogling teenagers. We were all mad for Hugh.

Hugh Jackson is young enough to be my son. It all just hit me this morning. I've been having incestuous fantasies. And I'm not alone. I'm far from alone.

Is it denial of how old I am? Is it just human nature, no matter how old you get, to swoon over younger actors?

I do find it a bit unnerving. So, I think tonight, I'll get out a DVD starring Harrison Ford. I checked. Thank God he's in his sixties.

Okay, now I feel better. Harry is still damn sexy!


  1. Did Hugh really give out his sweaty tee-shirt? That would be amazing for a lot of ladies out there. I would have loved it for the full-color printed shirts design that he's got on when I saw him at the Rodeo Dr. He just always wears the same shirt I think.


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