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I went to hear music and landed on Planet Face Lift...

Honestly, I'm not against face lifts. But it starts to feel like I've landed on a weird planet when I go to a concert at Tanglewood and nine out of 10 women have had at least one if not several face lifts. It's almost like being among the "Stepford Wives" after they've turned 60. Here's the thing, they all seem to look the same. The friend I was with turned to a young man she knew and pointed out one woman with one of the hundreds of faces devoid of expression and he replied, "She's smiling." They laughed. But, I don't know, it felt sad. Wearing a smile on your face "lifts" your spirit. It "lifts" other peoples' spirits. I was among so many women who thought they'd gained youth but to me they paid an awful price by not really being able to smile.

Oh, I know, I'm exaggerating. Most, but not all, can still curve up their lips but's just not the same. Expressions can tell us so much. They're important, some times invaluable. I'd rather see a real face, no matter how many lines and wrinkles, with true expressions than be left looking at taut pulled back too far skin that leaves a face with a strange translucence and an almost scary blank look.

Look, I don't love lines and wrinkles. Wanting to look good...hey I can totally buy into that desire. But I just don't think when you get a face lift you just lose wrinkles and lines. You lose a piece of who you really are, what you can say without words.

Here's what I think...A face can speak a thousand words. I love being able to read every one of them. But hey, that's just me...


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